Watch Your Profanity

Tune in on Wednesday 12 to 1 to hear the fallout of the Celtic vs Hearts match! Watch Your Profanity 12 to 1 every Wednesday on City Radio!

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what you say when someone cusses and you want to act cool so you say watch yo profanity can be used as joke when someone says words that aren’t swear words example: Bob – "Dang it, I lost." Joe – "Watch yo profanity!"

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Watch your profanity.

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I don’t get it, if profanity offends you, why are you playing a Rated R game with blood and guts? How can one offend but not the other? It seems if profanity offends but blood/guts/violence by your actions doesn’t then that person has questionable motives.

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09.09.2010  · Watch your profanity, watch your mouth, watch your tongue, and watch what you say are all warnings to be more careful with your word choices, as they are inappropriate and unappreciated. So here it means "Quit swearing."